Finishing and renovation in Mediterranean kitchen

Finishing and repair

Traditionally designers use simple, but very high quality materials in Mediterranean kitchen decoration. They allow quick cleaning of the room and remain cool even in the hottest day.

Finishing and renovation in Mediterranean kitchenWalls

Wall imperfections, which catch the eye, are the calling card of the Mediterranean. Sometimes designers specifically add additional relief to achieve slight curvature on the walls. This feature is especially brightly evident in the Greek style, which is characterized by deliberately careless walls: uneven ground covered with textured plaster, and then frosted usually with white paint.


Italian version of the Mediterranean style involves greater variety. Here the walls are usually aligned, and then finishing is made with combination of several materials. Thus, smooth or decorative plaster is quite compatible with mosaic, hand-painted tiles, and faux frescoes. Some sections of the walls may generally not be processed at all. For instance, original brickwork in the cooking area will turn your kitchen into a true home.

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Wallpaper is rarely used in Mediterranean kitchen. This solution seems to be quite logical if we take into account deliberately rough walls. However, if you choose this method of finishing, let the wallpaper be plain, textured and soft, preferably non-woven.


The floor in the Mediterranean kitchen is often laid with tiles or porcelain tiles of warm shades. Hence, terracotta color, which resembles clay, is a favorite one here. Great coating can be made of porous or polished sandstone, facing stone or its imitation, marble or stone mosaic with pastoral scenes and rustic decors.


Certainly, middle strip climate is not as mild as the Mediterranean, so floor-heating system is highly recommended. However, you can find an alternative and to lay ceramic floor with textured mats of reeds or use solid wood for coating. Just keep in mind that natural wood must not draw attention, so, in this sense, ordinary bleached board will be the best material for the flooring.

For budget floor, you may use high-quality linoleum or laminate that imitates the stone or wooden pattern.


The ceiling is usually plastered and painted with simple white paint or warm pastel shades. Distinctive feature of the style is wooden ceiling beams, often painted in rich brown shade. They effectively contrast with light color of the ceiling and bring a kind of rustic charm in the Mediterranean kitchen.

Kitchen backsplash

The backsplash in the working area over the stove and sink is often made from ceramic tiles, sometimes with granite or stone mosaics. It is desirable that the tile looks a little aged and worn, with uneven edges and effect of "weakness". Hand-painted tiles and a marble mosaic may become a real decoration of the backsplash. If this mosaic does not fit the kitchen budget, you should pay attention to the tiles in imitation of mosaic. Italian, Spanish, Polish and Russian manufacturers offer fairly effective and inexpensive variants of this finishing material.

Kitchen backsplash

Accessories and decor in the Mediterranean spirit

Elements of decor are surprisingly functional in Mediterranean kitchen. You will rarely see the curtain here, as their main task is successfully coped with solid or slatted shutters, that can be placed both inside and outside. If you decorate the window with fabrics, you would better choose light-colored natural linen or cotton textiles. You can choose striped or chequered curtains, but the colors should not be too bright. Lace curtains, and some tulle will also look nice.

Lamps in country style, antique style, with wrought-iron or wooden parts fit the kitchen. Alternatively, you can use hanging lamp with a small shade or lampshade or a chandelier imitating the old chandelier.

Accessories and decor in the Mediterranean spirit

Ceramic ware is placed on the open shelves in abundance, and is actively used in everyday life. Copper pots, woks and pans on a special suspension, may claim the role of spectacular décor, as well.

Straw or reed mats are sometimes very useful on the cool floor. Pillows soften the excessive rigidity of the chair seats. Even rough handmade lace and plain tablecloths and napkins of pure white cotton and linen are designed not to decorate a room, but to make family meals pleasant and comfortable.

If you can not do without a variety of pleasant things, give the preference to bronze lamps, green plants in a simple clay pots, elegant shells and corals, which will breathe in the Mediterranean atmosphere of eternal holiday.

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