Furniture and finishing in English style

Kitchen furniture

Suitable furniture is half the battle in decoration of the kitchen in the spirit of Albion. Therefore, kitchen set and dining group for English kitchen must meet all of the style requirements:

  • look respectable, solidly and securely;
  • made of natural materials (facades are made of natural wood (oak, walnut, pine, yew), countertops — from artificial or natural stone);
  • have suitable decor and accessories: artificial scrapes, that provide the "effect of antiquity", the intricate carvings, cast metal knob, top-mounted carved cornices;
  • designed in a calm palette in the manufacture of kitchen units and other furniture retains the natural texture of wood; if staining occurs preference is given to natural shades.

Steel stainless sinks are misplaced in English kitchen. You may place a massive sink made of artificial stone or ceramics instead.

Furniture and finishing in English style

As for the price, the furniture in English style traditionally refers to the premium class. Surely, you can buy or order more budget version of this set, for example, with coating from MDF with natural wood veneer.


True English style does not accept anything modern, so 21st century appliances must keep out of your sight.

Refrigerator and other major appliances are hidden behind wooden facades, small devices hidden in cupboards and drawers, which the kitchen should be abundant in. You can try to buy special kitchen appliances made in the vintage style.

Traditional kitchen stove is replaced by its extremely bulky analogue or a special oven, which is not only for cooking but also for heating.


The hood is securely masked, although in some cases it may be designed as a symbol of hearth and home in tandem with the stove.


Wall decoration on traditional English kitchen reminds the design of living room. You should lay ceramic tile, which is often patterned. The tiles are mostly used near sink and stove. Besides, the rest of the surface is covered with wallpaper, that simulates fabric in traditional style colors, or covered with wooden panels.


The floor can be made from wood (planks or laminate) and tiles, but it is preferable if they form geometric patterns under your feet. For instance, a sample of the style relies a staggered arrangement of black and white tiles. The carpet on the kitchen floor is the norm for the British.

The ceiling in the kitchen is recommended to be plastered and painted in light color. You may add decorative wooden beams if you wish.

Indeed, the design of the English kitchen is not cheap, but the acquired result worth it!

Essential details

Kitchen will not be truly English, if you do not carefully think over the following nuances.

Kitchen lighting should be traditional, without new-fangled spotlights. Massive classic crystal chandelier, some sconces, placed in separate zones and the floor lamp will provide soft local light.

Essential details

The windows in the kitchen are decorated with curtains with tassels and swags. They usually consist of two layers: a light transparent fabric and heavy noble textile.

Sea also kitchen in japanese style and italian style kitchen.

English style in kitchen design make thought-out details: porcelain, ceramic or copper utensils, brass utensils, baskets, potted plants or bouquets in clay pots and other cute accessories.

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