Kitchen decoration in scandinavian style


Ceiling is always white. It is usually painted in white, but you can order matte stretch ceiling or make hanging drywall one.


White painted batten perfectly suits ceiling decoration of the Scandinavian kitchen with a touch of country.


The most popular coating for walls of Scandinavian kitchen is paint. If you have a flat in a new building, you can buy a non-woven wallpaper for painting (it will help to hide the cracks from shrinkage of the house) or fiberglass (it helps to extra reinforce the walls).

Coating for walls of Scandinavian kitchen

Popular in Scandinavian interior method is one accent wall papered with a beautiful print. You can buy typical northern designed colors and patterns from Scandinavian wallpaper manufacturers (e.g. Borastapeter and ECO wallpaper). Moreover, Mr.Perswall offers mural with a typical Swedish design.

Brickwork or brick tiles will perfectly dilute smooth white walls. If your kitchen is combined with the living room, you can put bricks in both areas - it will bring the space together.


Scandinavian backsplash is of two kinds:

  1. White or very light backsplash. Usually it is white tile with and without sloped edge, white mosaic, white brick or wall panel of tempered white glass.
  2. Bright, contrast, accent backsplash. For this choice you should choose bright tiles with pattern (handcrafted cement tiles are especially good, but many manufacturers offer more affordable choice), vivid mosaic or 10x10 tile or tempered glass with photo print. The best colors for the contrast backsplash are gray, wet asphalt, red and various shades of blue (ultramarine, turquoise, light blue).



The Scandinavians love wood and they often make the same floor throughout the apartment. Wood shades are often bright. Cold shades (bleached oak, oak, Nordic, white ash) make the room lighter. Warm shades visually make the space around warmer but they produce an effect of Scandinavian country to the kitchen interior.

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The most popular choice is a wooden floor made of engineering board, parquet or flooring. Less expensive choice here is good waterproof laminate in imitation of solid wood. It is beveled on all sides and has a single-band pattern.

Owners of the kitchen-studio often make the same floor in all the flat areas as it helps to visually expand and merge the space in a small flat.


Option that is more practical would be ceramic tiles or granite in imitation of stone next to the kitchen set; the rest of the kitchen-living room may be covered with parquet or laminate. Color of the floor tiles in the kitchen is usually dark, light gray or beige-brown with streaks. Such color is the most practical and non-marking.

Skirting board is usually white, matching the walls color, and it necessarily should be high. Look for the model made from foamed polyurethane with 12 -15 cm height. These ones can be found, for example, in the range of Tarkett, Ultravud, Evroplast.


The natural light is never enough in Scandinavia. Therefore, good lighting is the main element of any interior. The more light sources, the better.

Lamps design is very important as they often serve as focus in the Scandinavian interior.

Chandeliers with wooden elements, details of chromium, copper and colored wire also look good.


Crystal chandelier will perfectly fit the interior of the kitchen-dining room-living room with a touch of classics.

You will never find fabric lampshades in the Scandinavian kitchen as they absorb too much light. However, you can often meet the easiest type of lamp - incandescent lamp without any lampshade on black or colored cord and "granary" or "factory" lamp with metal lampshade.


Northern kitchens usually have not much décor. Scandinavians worship things with meaning, which are beautiful and useful. Please watch the gallery below for decor ideas that will decorate the interior of the Scandinavian kitchen.



The windows are always open in Scandinavia. The kitchen has no any curtains.  The most thing it includes is white roller blind without pictures.

If you dislike such appearance of the windows, you can hang light curtains made of translucent fabric, lace curtains or roman blinds made of a monochromatic fabric matching the walls color.


Linen curtains of neutral shades, light curtains of soft pastel tones or accent curtains of cloth with bright Scandinavian design and distinctive prints will give the best fit to the kitchen-living room.

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