Kitchen design and decor in minimalism style

Materials are simple but of high quality. The modern technological materials (plastic, metal, glass) are combined with natural ones (wood and stone).


People often choose white matte ceiling, but the glossy one is also relevant. The ceiling surface should be perfectly plain. Alternatively you can make hanging drywall ceiling and smooth white stretch one without any relief and photoprint.



Walls should be perfectly plain, monochromatic, sometimes dark, but often light: white, beige, gray. Usually they made with a cold undertone, as it visually expands the space.

The best choice for the walls is: paint, smooth paintable wallpaper, decorative plaster in imitation of concrete with effect of silk or without any obvious texture.


Kitchen interior in the style of minimalism will be revived by accent wall in the dining area. You can choose contrasting wallpaper, wallpaper with simple picture, the 3D panel. Interior of the kitchen can be decorated with a wooden wall (it can be finished with parquet or laminate) or decorative brickwork.


It is smooth, laconic and perceived as a single monolithic plane. It can be bright (in tone of the interior) or dark (as contrast to light walls and furniture).

Black and white floors are impractical: they require constant care, as any dirt on the floor is evident. You will have much less cares if the floor is gray, beige or brown.


Ceramic-granite tiles is also good for flooring. It is plain with no patterns or with beautiful texture in imitation of concrete, stone, wood, metal.

You can make an engineering or parquet flooring, or laminate matching appropriate shade. It can be light or dark, cool or warm.

Blinds and decor

Choose concise, terse, accurate blinds. It can be roman or roller blinds, metal or wooden jalousie, curtains with a simple design, plain, dull. Textile colors are neutral, matching the interior or they are bright, contrasting.

Sea also minimalism decor in kitchen and kitchen in high-tech.


Use minimum amount of accessories. Look for the original chandelier or lamp. The walls are decorated with unusual clock, spectacular painting, poster or photograph. Put a stylish vase, stand for fruit or salt/pepper container on the table. Touch of eco-style will enliven minimalism of the kitchen. You can put greenery in simple pots and boxes.

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