Kitchen furniture and light in minimalism style

Home appliances

Ideally, it is built-in home appliance only, including microwave and coffeemaker. For small appliances (blender, slow cooker and food processor) you should better provide a special compartment or hide it in a drawer of the kitchen set.

Usually an air hole is also built-in. However, the model with minimalistic futuristic design may be an exception.

Here are examples in pictures:

Home appliances

Table and chairs

Dining table can be massive or light, but always with minimalistic design.

Countertop can be made of different materials. Here will fit round, rectangular or square kitchen table made of tempered glass (transparent, frosted or painted), solid wood, MDF or chipboard with veneer. For a small kitchen or small studio flat, the best choice is table-transformer with sliding or folding top. Tables-books badly fit minimalistic interior. The great combination of kitchen-living room in minimalism style is white/black countertop with light chromed legs.

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The combination of white plastic and natural wood in the design of table and chairs will soften the strictness of minimalism and make the interior cozier. In a small kitchen with area from 5 to 7 square meters dining table can be replaced with countertop - sill or narrow bar with minimalistic design.

Table and chairs

Wide bar counter or a projecting part of the countertop often serves as a table in a combined kitchen-living room. Transparent furniture will perfectly fit the interior of the kitchen – dining room in minimalism style. Colorless chairs visually disappear in the space and the room feels spacious, however, the colored ones will be a bright accent.


The lighting design brightens up the minimalism interior very well.

LED lamps are very popular. You can optionally change the color of illumination. Look how colored LED lights of the backsplash transform the same kitchen:

In the kitchens with minimalism style, they often use LED backlight of the socle, so the furniture seems floating in the air:


3 popular variants of lighting:

  1. Spotlights on the ceiling, chandelier or hanger over the dining table, hidden light over the working area of the kitchen set
  2. LED ceiling lights (behind curtain holder, light panels and strips) and additional lighting over the dining and working areas
  3. Tire lights or spots in conjunction with illumination of the countertops and dining room

Design of the lamp over the table can be simple (the most popular choice is the form of a sphere made of metal or glass) or unusual. Examples of lamps in minimalism style are in the photo-gallery below.

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