Kitchen design and furniture in rustic style

In our high technology age - the age of stress and haste, it is quite clear that many people want to create wonderful atmosphere of tranquility and serenity at home, as such atmosphere is typical for life of our ancestors in the lap of nature.

Kitchen decoration in the rustic style solves this problem. Perhaps such kitchen will appear in the most appropriate and advantageous way. This place represents family hearth and, therefore, should be very warm and cozy. However, rustic style seems to be created for slow conversations and intimate gatherings.

Kitchen design and furniture in rustic style
In this article you will find secrets of kitchen design in rustic style and designer tips on how to select the furnishings, finishing and decor as well as pictures of kitchens in traditional rustic rustic style.

Distinctive features of the rustic style

Rustic style is many-sided appearance. Its diversity depends on the national mentality of peoples. Every rustic has its own features of rustic style:

  1. wicker and wrought-iron decoration, images of birds and plants, abundance of white color and textile of bright colors is typical for French rustic (Provence style)
  2. leather covered chairs, stencil designs and Indian tints feature houses of American rural residents
  3. benches and stools instead of chairs, tiled stove, pots and pans on the open shelves are distinctive features of Russian rural style.

Still, there is Swiss, English, Swedish rustic style...

Distinctive features of the rustic style

But all these never-ending areas of the rustic style have some common characteristics:

  1. Usability and simplicity, which even sometimes turns into some negligence, lack of fancifulness and pretentious.
  2. You would better use coarse texture of natural materials: wood, stone, ceramics. High-tech glass, chromed metal, plastic and other civilization achievements are absolutely irrelevant in the rural interior.
  3. Colors of the rustic style are quite varied, but the preference is given to natural shades of wood and stone. Designers usually choose three to four soothing colors as basic ones when making a room. Then they use bright accessories to add bright accents into the interior.
  4. The decoration includes abundance of textiles and various decorative elements, which, ideally, are handmade.

Kitchen furniture in rustic style

It is believed, that kitchen design in rustic style needs combination of mismatched furniture, instead of the one, which is already combined in a set. However, only professionals are able to solve this problem qualitatively. Therefore, it is easier to buy finished kitchen set, which will meet all the basic requirements of the style. See also retro style kitchen, it has some simularities with rustic style. Dining room and kitchen in rustic style are usually made of wood. In some courses of the rustic style (for example, Provence) it is allowed to use wicker and wrought iron furniture.

 Kitchen furniture in rustic style

Countertops are often made of natural or artificial stone, weathered granite, ceramic tiles or solid wood.
Tables, chairs, cupboards, cabinets and open shelves for dishes should be somewhat heavy and coarse to carry the “spirit of time”.

Seasoned look, cracks and cleavage on the interior objects are the distinctive features of the rustic style. Therefore, it would be nice to visually add a couple of decades to the surface of new furniture. You can use different methods of aging for this purpose: it is application of craquele finish, special mordant processing or painting with decape technique.

 Kitchen furniture in rustic style

The simplicity of the furniture in the rustic style does not mean lack of decor. Paneled facades, glass engraved framings, painting, blackened copper handles and hinges will give the kitchen an inimitable charm.

All appliances must be built-in or stylized and the hood should be decorated in imitation of antique fireplace in order not to look as alien object in the rustic kitchen. In addition, the sink should not draw attention with its modern appearance: porcelain or stone sink will not violate the harmony of space. Fireplace or stove (or its imitation) faced with stone will make the kitchen truly rustic.

Rustic style

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