Mediterranean kitchen style – design secrets

Mediterranean style in the interior is a delicious cocktail, which embodies cultural traditions of many nations who lived on the coast for centuries. This amazingly warm, cozy, hospitable and truly inviting style is simply created for the decoration of the kitchen space.

Secrets of Mediterranean kitchen design, matching kitchen sets, restoration and repair, lamps, vibrant settings, and pictures of kitchen interiors in the spirit of the Mediterranean are in this review.

Mediterranean kitchen style – design secrets

Features of Mediterranean style

Spain, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, French Riviera, North of Egypt, and, certainly Italy and Greece... Each of these parts of the world played its part in Mediterranean style formation. However, such a motley structure of participants has not prevented the development of this trend’s common characteristics in houses and flats design.

  1. Mediterranean kitchen interior has nothing to do with pretentiousness or luxury and chic. Laconic, unassuming simplicity and maximum functionality are the main features of this style.
  2. Color palette of any Mediterranean kitchen includes luxurious paints. These colors can be met in the rich nature of this cheerful and blissful region. Natural colors of the earth, the sea and lush vegetation blend in harmony with each other. Greek style tends to cool colors and contrasting combination of white with blue, turquoise, blue, emerald and lemon-yellow. On the contrary, Italians prefer warm shades: red-pink, deep orange, ochre yellow, terracotta, olive, and pistachio.
  3. When you decorate, furnish the Mediterranean kitchen, it is better to use solely natural materials (wood, stone, iron, glass) and fabrics (linen, cotton).
  4. Mediterranean style has a few accessories. However, if they are present in the room, they have both aesthetic and practical features.

We can be sure that the kitchen interior based on these principles, will appeal to cheerful and relaxed people, who want to live in harmony with nature. Such people appreciate comfort and space, filled with sunlight and air.

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Layout and furnishing of the Mediterranean kitchen

Perfect Mediterranean kitchen should be very bright, well planned and enough large to fulfill the functions of the dining room. As in the southern countries, it is not just a place for cooking, but true focus of the family life, so massive dining table with chairs are necessary here. As a rule, they are located in the center of the room.

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The working area may be placed in a compact "island" shape. If the room dimensions allow, the working area is done more convenient and is submitted at the same time in spacious, functional niche, equipped with zonal lighting.

All the furniture in Mediterranean kitchen is primitive and bulky. At the same time it is of good quality, often has aging effect and made from pine wood or oak. You can choose quality kitchen set with MDF facades and natural wood veneer. If the manufacturer is good, such kitchen will look as good as solid wood furniture. Unique color of the kitchen furniture is achieved by forged elements with patina, which are typical for Italian interior; and braided details, that are often found in Greek houses. Quality styling of kitchen in spirit of the Mediterranean, involves the use of individual pieces of furniture that harmoniously unite into a kind of set instead of ‘complete end products’.

Thus, your kitchen will look well with:

  • dining table with the top of artificial stone or painted ceramic tiles;
  • metal chairs with attached seats cushions or their braided counterparts made from rattan or reeds;
  • small sofa with exposed wooden frame;
  • massive cupboard with clear glass doors or wooden facades that can be painted in warm dark and light colors
  • open wooden shelves, various racks and ledges.

Appliances in Mediterranean kitchen

When the foundations of the Mediterranean interior were established, technical progress did not develop yet in leaps and bounds. Therefore, refrigerators, dishwashers and other benefits of civilization are the alien elements in the kitchen, decorated in the spirit of relaxed siesta.

Appliances in Mediterranean kitchen

It is recommended to hide all the appliances in special niches and cover them with wooden doors, decorated with rude carvings. Another way is acquisition of modern devices that will not attract attention with catchy color or original design. It is a good idea to replace kitchen-range with plain cooker; and the plumbing system made of stainless steel with its analogues of dull bronze, as it looks aged by time.

Giving preference to large and rectangular so-called Butler sink instead of traditional one, you will add another typical Mediterranean touch to the kitchen.

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