Lighting and lamps

Finishing, renovation and decor in High-tech style


The ceiling does not need complicated design. You may just align it and paint in white.

Suspended or false ceiling is the most common ceiling finishing in hi-tech style. The only minus here is that you will lose 4-5 inches of height.

When you choose suspended ceiling, give preference to PVC films, instead of fabric linen. The glossy ceiling reflects the light better and adds more volume to the space.


Unlike the other styles, high-tech has two-level ceiling structures, cuts and niches for built-in lighting, which fit the style perfectly. In the kitchen-studio combined with living room, such ceiling masks the wiring and zones the space.


The walls design is neutral as most. The surface is smooth, flat, solid. Color palette includes all shades of white, beige, and gray.

Accent wall can be dark, as it will add the depth to the kitchen. In addition, 3D panels of MDF, plaster or polyurethane look impressive.


The best choice for walls is latex paint and decorative plaster in imitation of concrete or stone.

Plaster with slight pearl effect visually makes small kitchen larger, and makes lighter a poorly lit room.

Interesting information about simular styles - kitchen decoration in scandinavian style and in Mediterranean kitchen.

When you choose wallpaper, you would better buy solid colored or paintable one. The gluing wallpaper with light texture is a cheap replacement of decorative plaster.


The best choice here is matte or polished porcelain and ceramic tiles in imitation of stone, concrete or metal.

The floor looks well with moisture resistant laminate in imitation of stone or tile. Look close at this finishing if you want to make the same floor in both kitchen and living room. However, heterogeneous flooring in small studio-flat will only break up the space.


Self-leveling floors (plain or matching concrete and stone) will perfectly fit the high-tech style.

If you want to soften technologically advanced kitchen-living room design, than lay engineering/parquet boards or a good laminate on the floor. You can use granite wood in the kitchen working area.

Kitchen "backsplash”

The backsplash design in high-tech kitchen is strict and minimalistic.

The wallboard is perfectly flat, smooth and empty: no rails and small kitchen utensils.

Backsplash made of tempered glass looks great. You would better choose transparent glass or painted in a neutral color matching your interior.

Kitchen "backsplash”

The most practical option is thin porcelain tiles or ceramic tiles: smooth, textured, embossed, mosaic.

The cheapest backsplash is made of MDF with plastic finishing: it can imitate wood, stone and concrete.

A metal mosaic or stainless steel panel adds stylish brutality in the tech interior.

You may also do "concrete" backsplash of plaster (look for the cover Art-concrete").

Lighting and lamps

Led strip (LED backlight) is almost mandatory element of kitchen-living room in high-tech style. You can change color by your mood: the kitchen will look completely different.

This photo is an example of how the colored light transforms white kitchen in high-tech style with countertop and built-in hood:

Lamps in hi-tech style are easily distinguished by their unusual form, "cosmic" design and materials — glass and metal.

Lighting and lamps

For general lighting of kitchen and living room, you may use spotlights (flush or surface mounted), lights on the roof tires and ceiling soffits.

Instead of cozy wall lamps you may use wall light with techno design.

Do not forget to hang a ceiling chandelier or a couple of pendant lamps above the dining table.


Curtains design is the most simple, discreet and concise. The design of the window in high-tech interior should not be evident.

The most important thing when you choose curtains is their functionality. They should not have any drapes, valances and tie backs.

Best suited invisible blinds or horizontal blinds (aluminum, plastic or wood).

Laconic Roman blinds will fit the kitchen interior well.

Severity of high-tech style in the kitchen-studio combined with living room may be soften by Roman blinds, straight curtains, thread-curtains, or smooth tulle-veil.

Choose fabrics for curtains that do not give lush folds: linen, faux silk, modern blended fabrics with protective Teflon impregnation.

The fabric is definitely smooth, without any pattern. The colors should match tone of the walls, floors or kitchen set facades: white, black, grey, beige, metallic.



Interior design in hi-tech style involves minimum accessories or absolute lack thereof. If you do not like bare walls, you may hang abstract painting, black and white photo, simple poster or a watch with a technological design above the dining table. Place a stylish set of knives or a juicer with futuristic design on the countertop; put vase for fruits, stylish saltshaker or pepper mill on the table.

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Top 15 visuall ways to increase the ceiling height

Floor in the kitchen. What coverage to choose?

Floor in the kitchen

When we choose a floor for the kitchen it is important to take into account many nuances. The perfect kitchen floor should not be afraid of any oil or moisture. It should be easy to wash. Today we try to understand how to choose the right flooring for the kitchen and for what special attention should be payed .

It is important to make sure there is a suitable base for the selected cove. On what surface will a new floor be formed?

What kind of floor will it be? Laconic, which serves only as a background for kitchen furniture, finishes and accessories, or spectacular, pretends to itself to become a major element of the decor? Often designers offer a solution for the kitchen to combine two floor coating depending on the functional area.

For example, in the work area kitchen floor is veneered by practical ceramics – tiles or granite, and dining are laid on the floor natural wood, parquet or laminate. This option is very good for the kitchen combined with living room. For a small kitchen we also should choose uniform and monotonous flooring. Such a floor will help to visually enlarge a small space and make it more harmonious.

Let’s see what kind of floor coverings are suitable for the kitchen.

Linoleum floor in the kitchen

Linoleum floor in the kitchen

Linoleum floor in the kitchen

Artificial and natural linoleum is a very practical option for kitchen flooring. He has a lot of advantages. Firstly, an attractive price.

Modern synthetic linoleum serves 8-10 years and is characterized by high wear resistance, provides a good thermal and acoustic insulation. For the kitchen floor we should choose linoleum with a thick protective layer.

Linoleum is very undemanding in care. It is easy to clean – this is an important advantage for the kitchen floor. The great advantage of linoleum is that it just put its own. In addition, linoleum provides a huge opportunity for design of experiments.

Manufacturers now offer linoleum in many colors, patterns and textures. For example, it can simulate parquet, wood, stone and even metal.

Of course, synthetic linoleum is not the most environmentally friendly flooring option. Experts advise not to buy a cheap linoleum, especially in the markets. We should notice the smell .

More expensive options – artoliumy and mormoliumy – they are safer from an environmental point of view, but also more expensive than conventional linoleum.

Kitchen floor of cork

Kitchen floor of cork

Kitchen floor of cork

The floor made of cork will appeal to lovers of natural eco-friendly materials. Cork flooring is made from the bark of cork oak, which is removed from the growing tree every few years. Cork floors are very comfortable for the feet and help to reduce stress on the joints and spine.

Elastic cork creates a feeling of a warm floor and has excellent soundproofing. On this floor it is almost impossible to slip. Since cork is a natural anti-static it practically does not attract dust. Therefore cork floors are ideal for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

It is estimated that the cork is unique and its bioenergetic properties have very beneficial effect on the human body. Cork flooring in the kitchen is easy to clean, in addition, it is resistant to stains. Paul cork remarkably fit almost any decor. Fortunately cork floors are very different texture and come in many different shades. Cork flooring covered with a special varnish can be used without fear in the kitchen.

Wooden floors in the kitchen

Wooden floors in the kitchen

The floor made of wood is not cheap but it makes interior rich and respectable. Wooden floor perfectly complements the kitchen or country kitchen in a classic style, because it goes well with wooden furniture and related accessories.

This floor does not like moisture and temperature. Wooden floor is treated with special trains, oil or varnish. They make the tree less porous and more durable.

A significant drawback of the wooden floor is the high price. Moreover, not only wood but also related materials, as well as work on its installation have the high price. This version of the floor in the kitchen can not be called the budget.

Laminated floor in the kitchen

Laminated floor in the kitchen

Laminated floor in the kitchen

A decent alternative to the wooden floor in the kitchen can be laminate. Of course, it concedes ecological wood and cork but also has a lot of advantages. It is more resistant to scratches and other external influences.

Laminate flooring can simulate all types of wood, including precious and exotic. Some types of laminate quite well imitate granite, marble and tile. Another important feature of the laminate – it allows you to do in the kitchen heated floors.

The weak point of the laminate  is  humidity. With his installation it is very important to make high-quality waterproofing screed. If the floor in your kitchen is made of a laminate, it is necessary to constantly monitor to ensure that it did not get the excess liquid. Alternatively, you can use water-resistant laminate with enhanced water resistance.

With regard to the environmental safety of the laminate it is important to select products of manufacturers with a long history and good reputation.

Floor tiles

Floor tiles

Floor tiles

Modern tile floor in the kitchen is very beautiful. The tiles of all colors and shades can make an interior of the kitchen in a variety of styles.

Floor tile can be laid parallel or diagonally. An interesting effect is obtained if the floor tiles repeats the color of kitchen apron.

A huge plus of contemporary ceramics – its ability to simulate a wide variety of materials: stone, wood, fabric, metal and leather. Ceramic tile is very environmentally friendly. It does not conduct electric current, it is not afraid of household chemicals and direct sunlight.

With all the advantages of ceramic tile it has drawbacks too. The most significant is “cold”. Flooring tiles are unlikely to suit those who are used to walk home barefoot or who have small children. In this case the need to do a warm floor.

Porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles is an artificial material with remarkable properties. It practically does not absorb moisture? is indifferent to temperature changes and, unlike tile, has a very high hardness – 8-9 10-point scale. That is why it is ideal for floors in the kitchen.

As ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles often simulates a variety of natural materials. Because of this he is able to ideally complement the interior of the kitchen in any style. Porcelain is also polished and matte. For the kitchen floor safer to use the second option.

Liquid linoleum

Liquid linoleum is often called polymer self-leveling floor. Self-leveling floor is very unpretentious in operation and is not afraid of mechanical damage. The beauty of this coating is that the surface of the floor in the kitchen will turn out smooth and seamless.

Self-leveling floor can be done in any color, and add to it a variety of drawings, inserts and other decorative elements. However, if you decide after a while to change the flooring, linoleum remove the liquid will be difficult.

Floor in the kitchen

Visuall ways to increase the ceiling height

Low ceiling in the kitchen or bathroom can be a big problem if you do not know some of the design tricks. In this article we have compiled the best methods of increasing the visual height of ceilings in the apartment.

Optical illusion

The glossy sheen. A very effective way to solve the problem of the low ceiling in the apartment – is to choose the right finish. Glossy surfaces visually increase the amount of space, and reflections game gives additional depth to the space.

Different levels. Two-level stretch and suspended ceiling also help to make the room or the kitchen visually higher. Embossed design becomes more popular every year. Installation of suspension or stretched ceiling with two or three levels of height, in reality, of course, “steal” a few centimeters.

However, the visual effect is, fortunately, just the opposite. Along the perimeter of the walls ceiling often is made little lower. In this central part it is often made of a material with a glossy sheen. If the entire ceiling agreed to do matte, special lighting  will come to help.

Perhaps the easiest way to add a visual “growth” of the walls and increase the height of the ceiling – is the usage of the finishing materials of the same hue. Almost always light, such as white, cream, milk. When walls and ceilings are of one color they are merged into one face and the human eye is not fixed at the border between them and the space appears more.

The same trick can be used in the selection of furniture. Kitchen with a low ceiling should choose bright kitchen set. Try this: make base cabinets with fronts bright or dark, and let the top have bright glossy facades.

So, white cabinets on a background of white walls and white ceiling is a “solution” and they will appear almost invisible. A great way to make the kitchen is higher than it actually is.

Top 15 visuall ways to increase the ceiling height

The traditional solution – to cover walls with vertically oriented pattern. Especially popular is the wallpaper with vertical stripes.

Play of light

Another stylish and functional solution that allows you to visually raise the ceiling is cove. LED ribbon and LED lights are mounted under the eaves around the room and located just below the ground level of the ceiling. This lighting not only makes the ceiling above but in addition allows you to change the illumination color according to your desire and mood.

Raised window – very effective and very good for the kitchen-dining room and open-plan kitchen with living room. Ceiling design in the shape of the window simulates a source of natural light, creates the illusion of perspective and visually separates the low ceiling. Sometimes imitation windows are made of mirror tiles with plates of wood or polyurethane molding.

Traditional chandelier or pendant ceiling light is a bad choice for low ceilings. Pay attention to the rich possibilities of the local illumination. Additional lighting is place above the work top, kitchen sink and in the dining area. The more light is in the room or in the kitchen, the more spacious it would seem to be. Top 15 visuall ways to increase the ceiling height

Windows and doors

If you increase the height of the doorway and the door almost to the ceiling it will also help to visually raise the ceilings. A successful alternative – to “ramp up” the door. In the small kitchen designers advise to opt out of the interior door if possible, and replace it with a high arch made of plasterboard.

The window also should be pulled up. At least visually.

Distraction the attention

The low ceiling will not be atracted if you try to bring the attention to the floor and walls. One of the options – a combination of dark walls and light flooring. Another option – a catchy accent on the wall. It can be wallpapers, beautiful mural or accent walls covered with wallpaper contrasting with a bright pattern.