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Scandinavian kitchen

Scandinavian kitchen – all the design secrets

All the secrets of the Scandinavian kitchen design – furniture, decoration, lighting, décor.

Scandinavian design is perfect for a small kitchen and a kitchen-living room. You can easy transform such interior at any time – with a help of textiles and décor only.

Scandinavian design in the kitchen interior – 6 main features:

  • The main criteria – functionality and usefulness, design is the secondary one
  • White background and bright / contrasting details
  • Simple strict shapes
  • Natural materials
  • Abundance of wood with fine texture
  • Profusion of light with a bit of decoration

Scandinavian kitchen

Which styles go with Scandinavian Interior?

If pure Scandinavian interior seems to be so trivial for you, you can add bright accents and interesting details from the other styles: eco-style, light classics, contemporary and modern.

Color palette

Basic Scandinavian colors are white and all its shades like snow, cream, milk, vanilla cream, baked milk, ivory, eggshell or white sand.

The design of Scandinavian kitchen is perfectly supplemented by complex whitewashed cold shades of gray, beige, blue and green.

For the accents you should use dark (black, graphite, asphalt) and bright colors (yellow, burgundy, green, blue, turquoise).

In addition, you can take light colors from the Tikkurila palette of paints.

Scandinavian Interior

Kitchen – living room layout

In Scandinavian studio apartments kitchen is usually combined with living and dining room. Tabletop or large dining table will help you to demarcate the areas.

You can accentuate table and chairs with rugs: natural rug made of jute and sisal, or woven lint-free rug both can be such a perfect idea. Use sole-colored rug or the one with a geometric print.

Kitchen furniture in Scandinavian interior

Kitchen set

  • Scandinavian style includes simple and laconic kitchen set. Its color is often white. Sometimes there are kitchens with coating made of light, honey-golden shades or cognac wood. Combination of light and white wood makes Scandinavian interior warmer and more interesting.
  • Coating should be matte or semi-gloss. High white gloss is also good, especially if the kitchen is very small. Here the shutters reflect the light and add depth to the space around.
  • Scandinavians like open upper shelves (kitchen looks more comfortable with crockery in sight), and upper cupboards, which they make high, often up to the ceiling.

The photo below is of the Scandinavian kitchen with smooth and framed coating:

Table and chairs for Scandinavian kitchen

The most popular Scandinavian design furniture is IKEA kitchen set:

  • Modern classic in Scandinavian – the set with framed coating without any decorations and with modest milling (like the Budbin kitchens from the Method series), or similar custom-made kitchen sets.
  • Scandinavian interior with a touch of country or Provence is ideal for IKEA kitchen set with Hitarp coating, which replaces the popular Stot one.

Choose simple handles for kitchen furniture – rails or brackets (if your kitchen is in modern style), buttons or “shells” (for Nordic kitchen in classic or country style). There are especially good facades, which are opened by pressing or have hidden milled handles.


Tabletop is often wooden; it makes Scandinavian design warm and cozy. The best choice here is solid wood tabletop. If the set is cheap, here suits the particleboard tabletop decorated with wood veneer, plastic or stone. Stone tabletop should be black or gray: monochromatic or with fine specks “salt-pepper”.

Table and chairs for Scandinavian kitchen

The dining table is usually made of wood. It is varnished or painted white, sometimes black. A great option here is a table made of pine, oak or beech wood.

The perfect solution for tiny kitchens is a small table for breakfast and a couple of chairs. It is often used folding table with a hinged countertop or compact bar table. If the kitchen is very small, the table is replaced with a narrow bar along the wall or a folding table-shelf (it can be purchased at IKEA or made to order).

Large dining table for 4-6 people is usually placed in the living room. That is a nice idea to hang beautiful chandelier or a group of several lamps-hangers over the dining room.

If you have a tiny kitchen-studio in the Scandinavian style, then table-transformer with rectangular or round tabletop (folding, sliding or retractable) is the best choice.

Chairs in a Scandinavian style are wooden (with a retro design, curved back and colored cushions) or pointedly modern (made of white, transparent, colored plastic or leather with metal-chromed legs). You can often find chairs of legendary designers – Ant model by Arne Jacobsen or Eames by Eames spouses.



The ceiling is always white. It is usually painted in white, but you can order matte stretch ceiling or make hanging drywall one.

White painted batten perfectly suits ceiling decoration of the Scandinavian kitchen with a touch of country.Coating for walls of Scandinavian kitchen


The most popular coating for walls of Scandinavian kitchen is paint. If you have a flat in a new building, you can buy a non-woven wallpaper for painting (it will perfectly hide the cracks from shrinkage of the house) or fiberglass (it helps to reinforce the walls).

Very popular decision in Scandinavian interior – making one accent wall papered with a beautiful print. You can buy typical northern designed colors and patterns from Scandinavian wallpaper manufacturers (e.g. Borastapeter and ECO wallpaper). Moreover, Mr.Perswall offers mural with a typical Swedish design.

Brickwork or brick tiles will perfectly dilute smooth white walls. If your kitchen is combined with the living room, you can put bricks in both areas – it will bring the space together.


Scandinavian backsplash is of two kinds:

  1. White or very light one. Usually it is white tile with or without sloped edge, white mosaic, brick or wall panel of tempered white glass.
  2. Bright and contrast. For this one you should choose bright tiles with pattern (handcrafted cement tiles are especially good, but many manufacturers offer more affordable choice), vivid mosaic or 10×10 tile or tempered glass with photo print. The best colors for the contrast backsplash are gray, wet asphalt, red and various shades of blue (ultramarine, turquoise, light blue).


The Scandinavians love wood and they often make the same floor throughout the apartment. Cold shades (bleached oak, oak, Nordic, white ash) make the room lighter. Warm shades visually make the space around warmer and they produce an effect of Scandinavian country to the kitchen interior.

The most popular choice is a wooden floor made of engineering board, parquet or flooring. Less expensive choice here is good waterproof laminate in imitation of solid wood. It is beveled on all sides and has a single-band pattern.

Owners of the kitchen-studio often make the same floor in all the flat areas as it helps to expand and merge the space visually in a small flat.

The more practical option would be ceramic tiles or granite in imitation of stone next to the kitchen set; the rest of the kitchen-living room may be covered with parquet or laminate. Color of the floor tiles in the kitchen is usually dark, light gray or beige-brown with streaks. Such color is the most non-marking.

Skirting board is usually white, matching the walls color, and it necessarily should be high. Look for the model made from foamed polyurethane with 12 -15 cm height. These ones can be found, for example, in the range of Tarkett, Ultravud, Evroplast.


The natural light is never enough in Scandinavia. Therefore, good lighting is the main element of any interior. The more light sources, the better.

Lamps design is very important as they often serve as a focus in the Scandinavian interior.

Chandeliers with wooden elements, details of chromium, copper and colored wire also look good.

Crystal chandelier will perfectly fit the interior of the kitchen-dining room with a touch of classics.

You will never find fabric lampshades in the Scandinavian kitchen as they absorb too much light. However, you can often meet the easiest type of lamp – incandescent one without any lampshade on black or colored cord and “granary” or “factory” lamp with metal lampshade.



Northern kitchens usually have not much décor. Scandinavians worship things with meaning, which are beautiful and useful. Please watch the gallery below for decor ideas that will decorate the interior of the Scandinavian kitchen.


Usually the Scandinavian kitchen has no textile curtains – instead of them you better choose a roller blind. It is the nice thing to make a color accent – it may sole-colored or has an interesting print.

But if you strongly dislike such appearance of the windows, you can hang light curtains made of translucent fabric, lace curtains or roman blinds made of a monochromatic material matching the walls color.

Linen curtains or blinds of neutral shades, or accent ones with bright distinctive prints will give the best fit to the Scandinavian kitchen-living room.

Select the right furniture

Kitchen in Japanese style: ideas and photos

Kitchen in Japanese style is at the height of fashion today. Japanese style interior is perfect for small spaces. Let us try to make the design of a small kitchen in Japanese style. You will feel as if it began to seem almost twice as much. The inhabitants of the country of the Rising Sun historically lived in tiny houses, and the typical Japanese flat is rarely bigger than 40 square meters. Though, thanks to design tricks, it looks more spacious than it actually is. It is hard to implement this interior in its pure form. Hence, we will show you simple ways to add the Japanese mood to your kitchen design.

Kitchen in Japanese style: ideas and photos

Japanese style in the kitchen interior: the basics

The basics of the Japanese interior are natural light, natural materials and minimum of details. The essential points are simplicity and functionality, because the kitchen is simultaneously place for cooking, eating and living environment.

Japanese style in the kitchen interior: the basics

Get rid of disorder and unnecessary things

The kitchen in the Japanese style should have minimum of things. At the same time, the kitchen has everything you need, including the most modern equipment. It is just hidden from prying eyes in roomy cupboards with opaque doors. The Japanese adhere to the principle: if you want to have something, you must have a place to store it. If Japanese cannot find the place for a new thing, he perceives it as a sign that this thing is unnecessary. Nothing makes tiny kitchen look even smaller, than a host of different utensils, cookware and accessories that threaten to take over the space completely.

See also unusual styles – african style kitchen and italian style kitchen.

Get rid of disorder and unnecessary things

“Expanding” the space

Perfect order and absence of superfluous things is the best way to make the space more spacious and open. The walls can be visually widen with help of mirrors and right lighting. Do not forget the main rule for Japanese kitchen — add the natural lighting and soft diffused light in each functional area as much as possible. If you have a studio-flat, traditional Japanese screen allows you to zone the room and change the space depending on your desire and mood. For example, to separate the kitchen from living room. In addition, if the screen is made of rice paper, it will transmit the light, without compromising sense of privacy.

Select the right furniture

Have you ever been in a traditional Japanese restaurant? Surely, you noticed low tables and pillows on the floor, replacing the chairs. It is a great way to save space. However, if in you are not ready to go so far in Japanese style, you may find a worthy replacement to the traditional Japanese furniture. It is important that all the furniture is compact and unobtrusive. You should avoid heavy massive furniture made of very dark wood as it visually piles the room and occupies all the free space.

You would better give the preference to modular kitchen furniture made of light brown or beige wood and bright textiles. It is important, that it creates feeling of solidity and stability. Moreover, unpainted wood is used in traditional Japanese interior, as it accentuates the beauty of its natural textures. Artificial materials like plastic are taboos for kitchen in Japanese style. The Japanese use only natural materials for furniture and décor: wood, straw, jute, sisal, bamboo, clay, glass, rice paper, silk and linen fabrics.

Select the right furniture

Japanese kitchen interior. Let’s choose a color

This interior is characterized by the most natural colors: brown, camel, beige, white, cream, and pearl. Various shades of red and green act as accents for the kitchen in Japanese style. It is very important to avoid too bright colors.

Lighting in Japanese kitchen

Interior in Japanese style requires maximum of natural light. As for artificial lighting, you would better give the preference to lamps with spherical or rectangular lampshades that give soft, diffused and gentle light. It is perfect, if the lampshade is made from wood and rice paper.


Décor of the kitchen in Japanese style

Use concise and expressive decor. Kitchen in Japanese style is traditionally decorated with engravings, calligraphy scrolls with wise sayings, ikebana, porcelain and figurines of gods. The kitchen design will fit well with traditional ceramics and green plants like the real exotic bonsai tree or any healthy plants in pots. Niche in the wall may serve as good addition to the interior. It can be decorated with empty vase, flowers, statuette flow or ikebana.

Décor of the kitchen in Japanese style

Lighting and lamps

Finishing, renovation and decor in High-tech style


The ceiling does not need complicated design. You may just align it and paint in white.

Suspended or false ceiling is the most common ceiling finishing in hi-tech style. The only minus here is that you will lose 4-5 inches of height.

When you choose suspended ceiling, give preference to PVC films, instead of fabric linen. The glossy ceiling reflects the light better and adds more volume to the space.


Unlike the other styles, high-tech has two-level ceiling structures, cuts and niches for built-in lighting, which fit the style perfectly. In the kitchen-studio combined with living room, such ceiling masks the wiring and zones the space.


The walls design is neutral as most. The surface is smooth, flat, solid. Color palette includes all shades of white, beige, and gray.

Accent wall can be dark, as it will add the depth to the kitchen. In addition, 3D panels of MDF, plaster or polyurethane look impressive.


The best choice for walls is latex paint and decorative plaster in imitation of concrete or stone.

Plaster with slight pearl effect visually makes small kitchen larger, and makes lighter a poorly lit room.

Interesting information about simular styles - kitchen decoration in scandinavian style and in Mediterranean kitchen.

When you choose wallpaper, you would better buy solid colored or paintable one. The gluing wallpaper with light texture is a cheap replacement of decorative plaster.


The best choice here is matte or polished porcelain and ceramic tiles in imitation of stone, concrete or metal.

The floor looks well with moisture resistant laminate in imitation of stone or tile. Look close at this finishing if you want to make the same floor in both kitchen and living room. However, heterogeneous flooring in small studio-flat will only break up the space.


Self-leveling floors (plain or matching concrete and stone) will perfectly fit the high-tech style.

If you want to soften technologically advanced kitchen-living room design, than lay engineering/parquet boards or a good laminate on the floor. You can use granite wood in the kitchen working area.

Kitchen "backsplash”

The backsplash design in high-tech kitchen is strict and minimalistic.

The wallboard is perfectly flat, smooth and empty: no rails and small kitchen utensils.

Backsplash made of tempered glass looks great. You would better choose transparent glass or painted in a neutral color matching your interior.

Kitchen "backsplash”

The most practical option is thin porcelain tiles or ceramic tiles: smooth, textured, embossed, mosaic.

The cheapest backsplash is made of MDF with plastic finishing: it can imitate wood, stone and concrete.

A metal mosaic or stainless steel panel adds stylish brutality in the tech interior.

You may also do "concrete" backsplash of plaster (look for the cover Art-concrete").

Lighting and lamps

Led strip (LED backlight) is almost mandatory element of kitchen-living room in high-tech style. You can change color by your mood: the kitchen will look completely different.

This photo is an example of how the colored light transforms white kitchen in high-tech style with countertop and built-in hood:

Lamps in hi-tech style are easily distinguished by their unusual form, "cosmic" design and materials — glass and metal.

Lighting and lamps

For general lighting of kitchen and living room, you may use spotlights (flush or surface mounted), lights on the roof tires and ceiling soffits.

Instead of cozy wall lamps you may use wall light with techno design.

Do not forget to hang a ceiling chandelier or a couple of pendant lamps above the dining table.


Curtains design is the most simple, discreet and concise. The design of the window in high-tech interior should not be evident.

The most important thing when you choose curtains is their functionality. They should not have any drapes, valances and tie backs.

Best suited invisible blinds or horizontal blinds (aluminum, plastic or wood).

Laconic Roman blinds will fit the kitchen interior well.

Severity of high-tech style in the kitchen-studio combined with living room may be soften by Roman blinds, straight curtains, thread-curtains, or smooth tulle-veil.

Choose fabrics for curtains that do not give lush folds: linen, faux silk, modern blended fabrics with protective Teflon impregnation.

The fabric is definitely smooth, without any pattern. The colors should match tone of the walls, floors or kitchen set facades: white, black, grey, beige, metallic.



Interior design in hi-tech style involves minimum accessories or absolute lack thereof. If you do not like bare walls, you may hang abstract painting, black and white photo, simple poster or a watch with a technological design above the dining table. Place a stylish set of knives or a juicer with futuristic design on the countertop; put vase for fruits, stylish saltshaker or pepper mill on the table.

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Household appliances and plumbing

Kitchen in high-tech style — top tips from professionals for a stylish interior

All the details of kitchen design in high-tech style - guide for the choice of furniture, finishing and décor with designer hints and photos of real high-tech kitchens for your inspiration.

Interior design in high-tech style is ideal for tiny kitchen or small studio apartment. It does not overload the space, there is a lot of light and air, and all the necessary may be placed even in the small area.

High-tech style follows the main principles of minimalism: there is nothing superfluous in the kitchen interior, and each thing has its own place.

All the details of kitchen design in high-tech style

6 features of high tech style

  • minimalism, strict geometry and simple shapes
  • neutral colors and stylish contrasts
  • technological ultramodern materials, lots of plastics, metal, glass, artificial stone
  • smart appliances and accessories
  • lots of smooth surfaces, minimal decor, lack of unnecessary details
  • accented lighting is an important design element

We recommend to read kitchen interior in minimalism and design secrets of scandinavian style.

6 features of high tech style

Color palette

High-tech style prefers neutral colors: white, gray, black, beige, brown and their multiple shades.

The kitchen interior is usually solid or based on the contrast of dark/light shades. Bright colors are used as accents and are usually very dosed.

Color palette

You may use various textures to avoid boring and simple interior: matte and glossy coatings, glass, textiles, stone, wood and materials with 3D effect.

Which styles it is friendly with

Best company for high-tech style is minimalism and loft. Technologically advanced kitchen-living room will work well with elements of modernity, pop art and modern Art Deco. The interior of soft high-tech with elements of eco-style is a good solution for city apartments.

Furniture in high-tech style

Kitchen set

Kitchen in high-tech style has strict design, clean lines and smooth facades. Kitchen set should be ordered to match individual measurements of the room, like a dress made by good tailor. Order your fronts precisely matching the walls and the kitchen will dissolve in the space.

Great idea for the modern kitchen-studio is spacious built-in block of tall cupboards.

High-tech kitchen often looks “aseptic”, as it is characteristic feature of the style. Kitchen set equipped with neon LED lighting looks like a space object or laboratory from the future.

Kitchen set

Standalone modules may be suspended. In addition, LED lighting will enhance the floating effect.

The facades are usually deaf. If the budget for the kitchen set is limited and you want to save money, you may order kitchen facades made of wood chipboard. Kitchen sets from MDF are more expensive, but more environmentally friendly and serve longer.

High-tech loves the shine, so the kitchen in this style often has glossy facades. The kitchens from MDF in the plastic/PVC film or models made of wood chipboard in the same plastic are cheaper. Enamel and acrylic shine stronger, but such kitchens are significantly more expensive.

Facades of stainless steel with protective covering "Antipolutions" are also appropriate.

See also finishing and renovation in mediterranean kitchen.

Kitchens with curved facades look great in high-tech interiors. However, such models are the most expensive in all the furniture shops.

Furniture jalousie is a good solution for a small kitchen. They do not require any space for opening as opposed to swing doors, and their technological view is what high-tech actually needs.

Furniture jalousie

It is impossible to imagine hi-tech kitchen without smart accessories: lifts, door closers, drawers, baskets and dividers.

Kitchen set in the style of hi-tech often has no handles. The facades are opened by click by means of special fittings. If you do not like this choice, you would better buy handle-profiles or order a set with hidden handles.  You can put concise pen-rails on the heavy drawers.

Table and chairs

Traditional dining table in high-tech style is the glass table with metal legs. Table with the top made of plastic or of artificial stone is a good choice as well. Wooden table will fit the interior in case of the kitchen with elements of high-tech and eco-style.

Table and chairs

Counter-table made of MDF or of artificial stone in a small studio flat may replace dining table and zone the space.

You can often meet the countertop, which smoothly “flows” into dining table or the bar-counter.

Chairs are modern, laconic. They are made from plastic/leather and metal. For small kitchen, perfect solution is transparent plastic chairs.

If you value comfort, place the kitchen sofa covered with leather in the dining area.

Household appliances and plumbing

Home appliances should be built-in only, and the models are the most advanced. You would better choose smart appliances with touch control, LED screens and a stylish design.

The most popular color is metallic. However, if you like black and white or colored models, use them with no doubt.

It is good if the appliances combine several functions: for example, oven with microwave oven and grill functions. This method saves space in the kitchen and meets the canons of high-tech.

Sink should be made from artificial granite or stainless steel.

Modern mixing drainage with advanced design will perfectly fit kitchen in this style. For example, tactile, with indicators of water temperature or with slide out drainage.

Household appliances and plumbing

High-tech hood is always high visible. You may buy original model of hood, and it will decorate the kitchen and play the role of adornment.


For low-cost high-tech kitchen, you may purchase a plastic top with particleboard base. You have wide selection of decors: plain, fancy, stone, metal, and concrete.


Countertop made of artificial stone will be more expensive but it has a lot of advantages. For example, you can order the countertop of any unusual shape, and get the chance to restore scratches and chips in the future.

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Kitchen backsplash

Finishing and renovation in Mediterranean kitchen

Finishing and repair

Traditionally designers use simple, but very high quality materials in Mediterranean kitchen decoration. They allow quick cleaning of the room and remain cool even in the hottest day.

Finishing and renovation in Mediterranean kitchenWalls

Wall imperfections, which catch the eye, are the calling card of the Mediterranean. Sometimes designers specifically add additional relief to achieve slight curvature on the walls. This feature is especially brightly evident in the Greek style, which is characterized by deliberately careless walls: uneven ground covered with textured plaster, and then frosted usually with white paint.


Italian version of the Mediterranean style involves greater variety. Here the walls are usually aligned, and then finishing is made with combination of several materials. Thus, smooth or decorative plaster is quite compatible with mosaic, hand-painted tiles, and faux frescoes. Some sections of the walls may generally not be processed at all. For instance, original brickwork in the cooking area will turn your kitchen into a true home.

Read also high-tech style kitchen and design in minimalism.

Wallpaper is rarely used in Mediterranean kitchen. This solution seems to be quite logical if we take into account deliberately rough walls. However, if you choose this method of finishing, let the wallpaper be plain, textured and soft, preferably non-woven.


The floor in the Mediterranean kitchen is often laid with tiles or porcelain tiles of warm shades. Hence, terracotta color, which resembles clay, is a favorite one here. Great coating can be made of porous or polished sandstone, facing stone or its imitation, marble or stone mosaic with pastoral scenes and rustic decors.


Certainly, middle strip climate is not as mild as the Mediterranean, so floor-heating system is highly recommended. However, you can find an alternative and to lay ceramic floor with textured mats of reeds or use solid wood for coating. Just keep in mind that natural wood must not draw attention, so, in this sense, ordinary bleached board will be the best material for the flooring.

For budget floor, you may use high-quality linoleum or laminate that imitates the stone or wooden pattern.


The ceiling is usually plastered and painted with simple white paint or warm pastel shades. Distinctive feature of the style is wooden ceiling beams, often painted in rich brown shade. They effectively contrast with light color of the ceiling and bring a kind of rustic charm in the Mediterranean kitchen.

Kitchen backsplash

The backsplash in the working area over the stove and sink is often made from ceramic tiles, sometimes with granite or stone mosaics. It is desirable that the tile looks a little aged and worn, with uneven edges and effect of "weakness". Hand-painted tiles and a marble mosaic may become a real decoration of the backsplash. If this mosaic does not fit the kitchen budget, you should pay attention to the tiles in imitation of mosaic. Italian, Spanish, Polish and Russian manufacturers offer fairly effective and inexpensive variants of this finishing material.

Kitchen backsplash

Accessories and decor in the Mediterranean spirit

Elements of decor are surprisingly functional in Mediterranean kitchen. You will rarely see the curtain here, as their main task is successfully coped with solid or slatted shutters, that can be placed both inside and outside. If you decorate the window with fabrics, you would better choose light-colored natural linen or cotton textiles. You can choose striped or chequered curtains, but the colors should not be too bright. Lace curtains, and some tulle will also look nice.

Lamps in country style, antique style, with wrought-iron or wooden parts fit the kitchen. Alternatively, you can use hanging lamp with a small shade or lampshade or a chandelier imitating the old chandelier.

Accessories and decor in the Mediterranean spirit

Ceramic ware is placed on the open shelves in abundance, and is actively used in everyday life. Copper pots, woks and pans on a special suspension, may claim the role of spectacular décor, as well.

Straw or reed mats are sometimes very useful on the cool floor. Pillows soften the excessive rigidity of the chair seats. Even rough handmade lace and plain tablecloths and napkins of pure white cotton and linen are designed not to decorate a room, but to make family meals pleasant and comfortable.

If you can not do without a variety of pleasant things, give the preference to bronze lamps, green plants in a simple clay pots, elegant shells and corals, which will breathe in the Mediterranean atmosphere of eternal holiday.

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Appliances in Mediterranean kitchen

Mediterranean kitchen style – design secrets

Mediterranean style in the interior is a delicious cocktail, which embodies cultural traditions of many nations who lived on the coast for centuries. This amazingly warm, cozy, hospitable and truly inviting style is simply created for the decoration of the kitchen space.

Secrets of Mediterranean kitchen design, matching kitchen sets, restoration and repair, lamps, vibrant settings, and pictures of kitchen interiors in the spirit of the Mediterranean are in this review.

Mediterranean kitchen style – design secrets

Features of Mediterranean style

Spain, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, French Riviera, North of Egypt, and, certainly Italy and Greece... Each of these parts of the world played its part in Mediterranean style formation. However, such a motley structure of participants has not prevented the development of this trend’s common characteristics in houses and flats design.

  1. Mediterranean kitchen interior has nothing to do with pretentiousness or luxury and chic. Laconic, unassuming simplicity and maximum functionality are the main features of this style.
  2. Color palette of any Mediterranean kitchen includes luxurious paints. These colors can be met in the rich nature of this cheerful and blissful region. Natural colors of the earth, the sea and lush vegetation blend in harmony with each other. Greek style tends to cool colors and contrasting combination of white with blue, turquoise, blue, emerald and lemon-yellow. On the contrary, Italians prefer warm shades: red-pink, deep orange, ochre yellow, terracotta, olive, and pistachio.
  3. When you decorate, furnish the Mediterranean kitchen, it is better to use solely natural materials (wood, stone, iron, glass) and fabrics (linen, cotton).
  4. Mediterranean style has a few accessories. However, if they are present in the room, they have both aesthetic and practical features.

We can be sure that the kitchen interior based on these principles, will appeal to cheerful and relaxed people, who want to live in harmony with nature. Such people appreciate comfort and space, filled with sunlight and air.

kitchen interior

Layout and furnishing of the Mediterranean kitchen

Perfect Mediterranean kitchen should be very bright, well planned and enough large to fulfill the functions of the dining room. As in the southern countries, it is not just a place for cooking, but true focus of the family life, so massive dining table with chairs are necessary here. As a rule, they are located in the center of the room.

See also kitchen in scandinavian style and minimalism style.

The working area may be placed in a compact "island" shape. If the room dimensions allow, the working area is done more convenient and is submitted at the same time in spacious, functional niche, equipped with zonal lighting.

All the furniture in Mediterranean kitchen is primitive and bulky. At the same time it is of good quality, often has aging effect and made from pine wood or oak. You can choose quality kitchen set with MDF facades and natural wood veneer. If the manufacturer is good, such kitchen will look as good as solid wood furniture. Unique color of the kitchen furniture is achieved by forged elements with patina, which are typical for Italian interior; and braided details, that are often found in Greek houses. Quality styling of kitchen in spirit of the Mediterranean, involves the use of individual pieces of furniture that harmoniously unite into a kind of set instead of ‘complete end products’.

Thus, your kitchen will look well with:

  • dining table with the top of artificial stone or painted ceramic tiles;
  • metal chairs with attached seats cushions or their braided counterparts made from rattan or reeds;
  • small sofa with exposed wooden frame;
  • massive cupboard with clear glass doors or wooden facades that can be painted in warm dark and light colors
  • open wooden shelves, various racks and ledges.

Appliances in Mediterranean kitchen

When the foundations of the Mediterranean interior were established, technical progress did not develop yet in leaps and bounds. Therefore, refrigerators, dishwashers and other benefits of civilization are the alien elements in the kitchen, decorated in the spirit of relaxed siesta.

Appliances in Mediterranean kitchen

It is recommended to hide all the appliances in special niches and cover them with wooden doors, decorated with rude carvings. Another way is acquisition of modern devices that will not attract attention with catchy color or original design. It is a good idea to replace kitchen-range with plain cooker; and the plumbing system made of stainless steel with its analogues of dull bronze, as it looks aged by time.

Giving preference to large and rectangular so-called Butler sink instead of traditional one, you will add another typical Mediterranean touch to the kitchen.

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Appliances for retro kitchen

Appliances and decoration for retro kitchen

Appliances for retro kitchen

Retro design does not imply rejection of modern household appliances and other civilization benefits. However, all these achievements of progress should naturally fit the interior without compromising the overall idea of the style. Such compromise is achieved in two main ways:

  • hiding of the fridge, dishwasher and other gadgets behind the decorative raised panels, which do not require significant financial costs;
  • acquisition of stylized home appliances, which are characterized by solidity and heaviness, streamlined shape and smooth lines, bright colors and long handles-staples.

Appliances for retro kitchen

Certainly, these "home helpers" are very expensive, and not every manufacturer offers such products. However, if the wallet allows, you would better choose this variant, which adds special style to the retro-kitchen interior. You can search for interesting models of retro refrigerators in the collections of such companies as Ardo, Gorenje, Smeg, Rosenlew, Bosch; cooktops, ovens and hoods with the veil of antiquity are produced by brands Elikor, ILVE, Korting and abovementioned Smeg.

See kitchen decoration in country style and in rustic style.

In any case, do not forget about the design elements. Curtains and tablecloths, wall clocks and kitchen utensils, decorative plates and tins for grains and spices, vases and figurines – all these cute little things, which were carefully selected in accordance with the spirit of an era, will add a retro kitchen awesome and absolutely incomparable charm!

Retro-kitchen – top-4 of the Board of Decorators

Retro-kitchen – top-4 of the Board of Decorators

  1. The main source of inspiration for retro interior in the kitchen or dining room is minimally restored old furniture. Do not hurry to throw away the table and chairs, which stood in the attic for many years. They possess special energy and will help to create truly unique and original interior. That is why they enjoy the special love of the most talented and creative decorators.
  2. The best decor and accessories for retro-kitchen are the things from “grandmother's trunk”. Old engravings, yellowed black and white photographs, tin boxes from the fruit candy drops, not to mention cups and saucers in the finest porcelain and other cute little things could look good next to neutral kitchen furniture in modern style.
  3. It is important to avoid affectation and redundancy, while picking up details and accents for retro-kitchen. Old things must evoke strong positive emotions and create a feeling of absolute comfort. If you did not find suitable pieces for your kitchen or dining room among the family relics, decorators suggest walking around flea markets or thrift stores. Sometimes you can find real treasures there.
  4. In order to give your kitchen the retro charm, you do not have to use just old and authentic things. Interior will look much more interesting with a slight retro flair, subtle allusions to the kitchen with the history that create small but very expressive details.

Retro-kitchen – top-4 of the Board of Decorators

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Kitchen furniture in retro style

Kitchen furniture in retro style

Well-chosen furniture for retro kitchen gives 50 percent of success in the difficult task of recreating the spirit of the past. How to achieve the desired result?

The first option is to search for these antique pieces of furniture, on which, most likely, you will have to work hard: to grind, to paint and to give spectacular and stylish appearance. Surely, this path involves considerable material costs.

Kitchen furniture in retro style

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If you do not have enough financial resources for such an expensive pleasure, you may buy or order kitchen sets and dining group sets made in retro style. Such furniture is made from wood or MDF, with PVC coating. It will cost cheaper, and may only slightly be different from antiques. After all, producers actively use various methods of aging (patina, brushed, craquele finishing) in its production. Moreover, manufacturers take into consideration the interior characteristics of the appropriate era.

Five important aspects when you choose the furniture

Five important aspects when you choose the furniture

Working on the retro kitchen furnishing, you should consider the following nuances:

  1. Kitchen sets did not exist until mid-century. The kitchen setting included widely used buffets, sideboards, cupboards, showcases, the totality of which today can be conditionally called a set of furniture.
  2. It is best to replace the upper modules of the kitchen with open shelves and to cover the bottom with kitchen pedestal tables with hinged shutters and a drawer under the tabletop.
  3. The surface of the hinged doors may be quite varied. However, if you prefer Victorian or art Deco style, choose the paneled facades decorated with carved or inlaid. In addition, bright and smooth cabinets’ shutters will perfectly complement the retro kitchen of 50's and 60's.
  4. Wooden furniture will look great with countertops made of natural or artificial stone, ceramic tiles, and thoughtfully chosen accessories: handles and hinges are under brass and copper forged components.
  5. Styling of earlier eras required massive dining table and the same impressive chairs. The middle of the last century, which is relatively close to us, was not so demanding of these interior items: a small table of simple design and bright chairs or stools (even plastic!) are enough here.

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Kitchen in retro style

Kitchen in retro style

Ah, this multifaceted, at times exquisite, at other times primitive, but always charming and cozy retro style! It often appears in the interiors of our apartments: it peeks into the bedroom, settles down in the living room, and does not overlook the kitchen. However, this attraction to the past is understandable. The kitchen, which is carrying the spirit of the time, will drop a hint about the importance of family values for you and atmosphere of warmth and tranquility in the house.

How to choose furniture and appliances for the kitchen in retro style? This article includes designer tips, colors, materials and décor of retro style.

Retro style and its characteristic features.

Kitchen in retro style

The concept of "retro" is quite vague, as it does not have clear reference to specific historical era. The designers agreed the opinion that time frame of this style fits the period from late nineteenth century to the second half of twentieth century. Therefore, it is natural, that retro style has plenty of interesting directions, with their inherent features.

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Kitchen in Victorian style that came to us from England in the late XIX century, It is improbable without working area in form of a fireplace, massive dining tables, rich finishes in marble and wood, and a large number of handmade accessories.

Art Deco kitchen is designed in accordance with fashion trends of the 20-30s of the last century. It is reputed to be a model of elegance, luxury and chic. In this room, you should use expensive materials (e.g., rare woods and leather, silver and ivory) or their high-quality imitation, furniture with predominance of curved shapes, geometric patterns, and chrome or glass parts.

Art Deco kitchen

Retro kitchen in the spirit of 40’s years primarily consists of bright and rich colors with small splashes of black and white. Various elements of stainless steel attract the attention.

Kitchen, decorated in retro style of the 50’s and 60’s, also strikes with bold and cheerful colors. Furth more, it has furniture of clear shapes, glossy surfaces and graphic patterns.

Kitchen, decorated in retro style of the 50’s and 60’s

Diversity of retro style directions does not mean that this style has lack of unique features. This fact should be taken into consideration in developing of a kitchen “from the past”. Here are some of them.

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Unique retro style features:

  1. Presence of furniture with an antiquated effect that carries the spirit of the current era.
  2. All appliances and other trappings of modernity need to be carefully hidden from sight or must be stylized like retro.
  3. Diversity of palette, which is muted in art Deco and Victorian styles, however it boggles the imagination with bright colors in the retro design of 40-60’s years.
  4. Abundance of textiles, glassware and other decorative elements, as era of lifeless minimalist interiors has not yet arrived.

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Marine style in the kitchen interior

Marine style in kitchen interior

Would you like to enjoy that special feeling of freedom and serenity at home, which only happens during vacation by the sea? Let us try to create kitchen interior in Marine style! We offer you a few ideas on how to transform an ordinary kitchen into a real mess or veranda in the house on the beach.

It is not hard to recreate marine style in the kitchen interior. This style is good because it provides plenty of opportunities for experimentation. First of all, you may experiment with themed accessories.

Marine style in the kitchen interior

The most simple and obvious way to remind about holiday and sea is to use the next staff in marine kitchen décor: seashells, sea stars, colored stones, pebbles and other stuff, brought from warm countries. They can be simply spread out on open shelves or in a welsh dresser. You may decorate kitchen set, lamps or the walls in the kitchen with “marine” panel.

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By the way, the “application” of sea pebbles, smalt, pearlescent shells, or fragments of blue, dark blue or pearl ceramic tiles is a great way to update boring facades of white kitchen furniture.

Marine style in the interior is an exquisite model of a ship on a shelf, a small round mirror in polished metal frame in imitation of a porthole, an aquarium with colorful fish and coral, barometer, telescope, hourglass and compass and other naval attributes.

naval attributes

However, there are less obvious, but no less effective ways to add a marine mood. For example, you may add “sea” dishes — white with blue stripes or spotted. Blue jug with an image of sea stars on the chubby side or blue cooking utensils. Bamboo blinds or decorative shutters of bleached wood, light linen curtains or decorative curtain of strung on long strings of shells, or blue beads. Sea interior of the kitchen is perfectly complemented with natural materials like jute and sisal. Home textiles of unpainted canvas, cotton or linen in white, grey, blue and dark blue blend well with marine interior. You may add striped “marine” cushion chairs, decorative pillows and linen tablecloth.

The basis of marine style is neutral tones: beige, sand, white, blue, dark blue. Their combination in the kitchen creates an atmosphere of relaxation, tranquility and total relaxation. By the way, they visually expand the space. Instead of the blue and dark blue colors in the interior, you may use cool shades of green, as they resemble the water at great depths. “Sea” shades create a feeling of coolness and freshness, so the marine style is suitable for the kitchen, which faces the South or East side.

Marine style floor is made of simple planks of whitewashed wood, in imitation of the deck. The original decision is to put panels of glass on the floor, under the panels you can put decorative composition of sand, pebbles, corals or shells.


Simple bluff furniture is appropriate for the kitchen. It should be made of light wood: pine or birch. It should not look too new, on the contrary, a little rubbed, slightly discolored and definitely matte. As long as it was practical, solid and reliable. Knotted furniture of rattan or willow will fit the interior perfectly. You may finish the ceiling and walls with wooden panels. Another option is to use decorative tile for the kitchen or a mosaic with marine motifs.


Marine style of the interior may be accentuated with accessories of brass, easy pottery, lamps, lanterns or sconces in the form of marine life. Decorative fishing net, nautical knots rope, decorative bottles make it ideal for the interior in Maritime style.

In this kitchen you may really spend hours, enjoying absolute tranquility, delicious food and pleasant conversations.