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Finishing, renovation and decor in High-tech style

Ceiling The ceiling does not need complicated design. You may just align it and paint in white. Suspended or false ceiling is the most common ceiling finishing in hi-tech style. The only minus here is that you will lose 4-5 inches of height. When you choose suspended ceiling, give preference to PVC films, instead of […]

Top 15 visuall ways to increase the ceiling height

Floor in the kitchen. What coverage to choose?

When we choose a floor for the kitchen it is important to take into account many nuances. The perfect kitchen floor should not be afraid of any oil or moisture. It should be easy to wash. Today we try to understand how to choose the right flooring for the kitchen and for what special attention should be payed . […]

Floor in the kitchen

Visuall ways to increase the ceiling height

Low ceiling in the kitchen or bathroom can be a big problem if you do not know some of the design tricks. In this article we have compiled the best methods of increasing the visual height of ceilings in the apartment. Optical illusion The glossy sheen. A very effective way to solve the problem of […]