Kitchen furniture in Scandinavian interior

Kitchen set

  • Scandinavian style includes simple and laconic kitchen set. Its color is often white. Sometimes there are kitchens with coating made of light, honey-golden shades or cognac wood. Combination of light and white wood makes Scandinavian interior warmer and more interesting.
  • Coating should be matte or semi-gloss. High white gloss is also good, especially if the kitchen is very small. Here the shutters reflect the light and add depth to the space around.
  • Scandinavians like open upper shelfs (kitchen looks more comfortable with crockery in sight), and upper cupboards, which they make high, often up to the ceiling.

The photo below is of the Scandinavian kitchen with smooth and framed coating:

smooth and framed coating

The most popular Scandinavian design furniture is IKEA kitchen set:

  • Modern classic in Scandinavian – the set with framed coating without any decorations and with modest milling (like the Budbin kitchens from the Method series), or similarcustom-made kitchen sets.
  • Scandinavian interior with a touch of country or Provence is ideal for IKEA kitchen set with Hitarp coating, which replaces the popular Stot one.

Choose simple handles for kitchen furniture - rails or brackets (if your kitchen is in modern style), buttons or "shells" (for Nordic kitchen in classic or country style). There are especially good facades, which are opened by pressing or have hidden milled handles.

Choose built-in home appliances in metallic color.

IKEA kitchen set


Tabletop is often wooden; it makes Scandinavian design warm and cozy. The best choice here is solid wood tabletop. If the set is cheap, here suits the particleboard tabletop decorated with wood veneer, plastic wood or stone. Stone tabletop should be black or gray: monochromatic or with fine specks "salt-pepper".


Table and chairs for Scandinavian kitchen

The dining table is usually made of wood. It is varnished or painted white, sometimes black. A great option here is a wooden table made of pine, oak, beech. The low-cost models are made of particleboard with wood veneer instead (ash, oak, beech).

The perfect solution for small kitchens is small table for breakfast and a couple of chairs. It is often used folding table with a hinged countertop or compact bar table. If the kitchen is very small, the table is replaced with a narrow bar along the wall or a folding table-shelf (it can be purchased at IKEA or made to order).

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Large dining table for 4-6 people is usually in the living room. Be sure to hang over the dining room beautiful chandelier or a group of several lamps-hangers.

If you have a small kitchen-studio in the Scandinavian style, then table-transformer with rectangular or round tabletop (folding, sliding or retractable) is the best choice.

Table and chairs for Scandinavian kitchen

Chairs in a Scandinavian style are wooden (with a retro design, curved back and colored cushions) or pointedly modern (made of white, transparent, colored plastic or leather with metal-chromed legs). You can often find chairs of legendary designers - Ant model by Arne Jacobsen or Eames by Eames spouses.

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