Kitchen in high-tech style — top tips from professionals for a stylish interior

All the details of kitchen design in high-tech style - guide for the choice of furniture, finishing and décor with designer hints and photos of real high-tech kitchens for your inspiration.

Interior design in high-tech style is ideal for tiny kitchen or small studio apartment. It does not overload the space, there is a lot of light and air, and all the necessary may be placed even in the small area.

High-tech style follows the main principles of minimalism: there is nothing superfluous in the kitchen interior, and each thing has its own place.

All the details of kitchen design in high-tech style

6 features of high tech style

  • minimalism, strict geometry and simple shapes
  • neutral colors and stylish contrasts
  • technological ultramodern materials, lots of plastics, metal, glass, artificial stone
  • smart appliances and accessories
  • lots of smooth surfaces, minimal decor, lack of unnecessary details
  • accented lighting is an important design element

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6 features of high tech style

Color palette

High-tech style prefers neutral colors: white, gray, black, beige, brown and their multiple shades.

The kitchen interior is usually solid or based on the contrast of dark/light shades. Bright colors are used as accents and are usually very dosed.

Color palette

You may use various textures to avoid boring and simple interior: matte and glossy coatings, glass, textiles, stone, wood and materials with 3D effect.

Which styles it is friendly with

Best company for high-tech style is minimalism and loft. Technologically advanced kitchen-living room will work well with elements of modernity, pop art and modern Art Deco. The interior of soft high-tech with elements of eco-style is a good solution for city apartments.

Furniture in high-tech style

Kitchen set

Kitchen in high-tech style has strict design, clean lines and smooth facades. Kitchen set should be ordered to match individual measurements of the room, like a dress made by good tailor. Order your fronts precisely matching the walls and the kitchen will dissolve in the space.

Great idea for the modern kitchen-studio is spacious built-in block of tall cupboards.

High-tech kitchen often looks “aseptic”, as it is characteristic feature of the style. Kitchen set equipped with neon LED lighting looks like a space object or laboratory from the future.

Kitchen set

Standalone modules may be suspended. In addition, LED lighting will enhance the floating effect.

The facades are usually deaf. If the budget for the kitchen set is limited and you want to save money, you may order kitchen facades made of wood chipboard. Kitchen sets from MDF are more expensive, but more environmentally friendly and serve longer.

High-tech loves the shine, so the kitchen in this style often has glossy facades. The kitchens from MDF in the plastic/PVC film or models made of wood chipboard in the same plastic are cheaper. Enamel and acrylic shine stronger, but such kitchens are significantly more expensive.

Facades of stainless steel with protective covering "Antipolutions" are also appropriate.

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Kitchens with curved facades look great in high-tech interiors. However, such models are the most expensive in all the furniture shops.

Furniture jalousie is a good solution for a small kitchen. They do not require any space for opening as opposed to swing doors, and their technological view is what high-tech actually needs.

Furniture jalousie

It is impossible to imagine hi-tech kitchen without smart accessories: lifts, door closers, drawers, baskets and dividers.

Kitchen set in the style of hi-tech often has no handles. The facades are opened by click by means of special fittings. If you do not like this choice, you would better buy handle-profiles or order a set with hidden handles.  You can put concise pen-rails on the heavy drawers.

Table and chairs

Traditional dining table in high-tech style is the glass table with metal legs. Table with the top made of plastic or of artificial stone is a good choice as well. Wooden table will fit the interior in case of the kitchen with elements of high-tech and eco-style.

Table and chairs

Counter-table made of MDF or of artificial stone in a small studio flat may replace dining table and zone the space.

You can often meet the countertop, which smoothly “flows” into dining table or the bar-counter.

Chairs are modern, laconic. They are made from plastic/leather and metal. For small kitchen, perfect solution is transparent plastic chairs.

If you value comfort, place the kitchen sofa covered with leather in the dining area.

Household appliances and plumbing

Home appliances should be built-in only, and the models are the most advanced. You would better choose smart appliances with touch control, LED screens and a stylish design.

The most popular color is metallic. However, if you like black and white or colored models, use them with no doubt.

It is good if the appliances combine several functions: for example, oven with microwave oven and grill functions. This method saves space in the kitchen and meets the canons of high-tech.

Sink should be made from artificial granite or stainless steel.

Modern mixing drainage with advanced design will perfectly fit kitchen in this style. For example, tactile, with indicators of water temperature or with slide out drainage.

Household appliances and plumbing

High-tech hood is always high visible. You may buy original model of hood, and it will decorate the kitchen and play the role of adornment.


For low-cost high-tech kitchen, you may purchase a plastic top with particleboard base. You have wide selection of decors: plain, fancy, stone, metal, and concrete.


Countertop made of artificial stone will be more expensive but it has a lot of advantages. For example, you can order the countertop of any unusual shape, and get the chance to restore scratches and chips in the future.

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