Kitchen in african style – exotics in the interior

African style in the interior is brightness and originality, energy and mystery. African strains in the kitchen design can make it truly unique and exotic. You do not have to use plenty of statues, masks, fangs and claws of exotic animals to create “African” kitchen. Desired effect can be reached through right choice of colors and application of natural materials.

Kitchen in african style

African style interior – color spectrum

African style interior is characterized by rich natural colors of desert and savannah, such as different shades of terracotta, red, yellow, orange, brown and black. The brightness of the colors will depend on your preferences.

Do you want rigor and contrast design? You can choose black-and-white interior with ethnic accents and color splashes.

Do you prefer bright colors and rich tints? You can experiment with red-yellow-orange range, emphasizing the brightness of the colors with black and brown accessories.

African style interior – color spectrum

Materials for African interior

We cannot imagine African kitchen without finishing made of natural materials or their high-quality imitation. For example, modern ceramic tile or fancy wallpaper for kitchen successfully imitate the reptiles’ skin, precious wood and other exotic materials. The best choice for floor is ceramic-granite, which will replace natural stone or wooden floor with large floorboards. You can underline African mood in the design with sisal and cane, bamboo, bronze and leather, natural fabrics of linen and wool.

Materials for African interior

African style in the interior – furniture and decor

The furniture in African style should be wooden, expressly rough and simple. There should not be any extravagances and complex geometric shapes. Wicker furniture made from rattan or bamboo will fit the interior as well.

Woven mats, handmade textiles, clay or wooden utensils, large floor bowls would be perfect decoration for African style. You can do “African” vases yourself: just buy wooden lime bowls of the simplest form and paint them with mordant to almost black color, then varnish.

African style in the interior - furniture and decor

If you wish, you can stress an ethic touch in the interior with some themed accessories. Use African ritual masks, ebony statuettes, ivory or horn carvings. It is appropriate to decorate the dining area with imitation of skins of wild African animals, such as zebra or leopard. This pattern can be used on curtains or other kitchen accessories like watches, decorative panels or napkins. To add African tint to the interior you can use bright fabrics in colorful blankets and pillows with stressed simple geometrical patterns.

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