Kitchen interior in minimalism style — professional advice

Making of the kitchen interior in minimalism style — designer’s prompts.

Kitchen set in minimalism style will fit both tiny kitchen in small studio flat and combined kitchen-living room. Laconic furniture visually dilutes in the space around, and the kitchen made by considered project will always be in perfectly in order.

5 main features of the style

Minimalism style in the interior is:

  • lots of air, light and competent space zoning
  • compact and functional furniture in the same style
  • minimum of decoration, colors and textures
  • clean forms and clear lines
  • built-in home appliances

Kitchen interior in minimalism style

Color palette

Neutral basic shades of white, gray, black, beige and brown.

The interior in minimalism style can be monochromatic or contrasting. They often use no more than 2-3 hues.

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You can use bright colors (red, orange, yellow, blue, green) and beautiful textures (dark and light wood, stone, brick, concrete and other textured materials) as accents in the kitchen.

Color palette

Minimalism should not necessarily make your kitchen strict, austere and impersonal. Pure style in modern interiors is rare. Use minimalism as a basis, add favorite things and vivid details from the other styles and you will get cozy and stylish kitchen that reflects your personality.

Minimalism in the city apartment is friendly with eco-style, modern classic elements, Art Deco, loft and ethnic style.

The kitchen basis in minimalism style is well thought-out planning. While developing your design project, you should carefully think over the kitchen set ergonomics and find a place for storage of each thing. Otherwise, minimalism will soon disappear from your kitchen.

Choosing kitchen set in minimalism style

The kitchen furniture is simple and functional. Simple kitchen design and minimalism facades are compensated with smart accessories, hidden storage systems and good organization of cupboards.

Kitchen set is often built-in. The cupboards are "submerged" into the walls and join them in a single plane. Block of high cases with integrated appliances and capacious storage modules is almost mandatory element for such kitchen.

Facades are usually smooth and flat, matte or glossy. There is no any handles (doors are opened by pressing, using "Click — open" system), or the handles are hidden (milled or made of aluminum profile). The exception may be the simplest handle-rails on the lower facades.

Choosing kitchen set in minimalism style

If smooth doors seem too impersonal for you, you can order kitchen with relief facades from MDF (Medium Density Fiber) with 3D milling. It is important that the shape, color and finishing of the furniture do not contradict canons of minimalism.

Minimalism kitchen looks great without upper cupboards.

Kitchen in minimalism style with its straight lines and smooth doors is good, as the furniture can be quite cheap. The most inexpensive kitchen is the one with facades made of wood chipboard, covered with plastic or acrylic. MDF sets are more environmentally friendly and durable, but cost a lot. For decorative coating of MDF facades manufacturers usually use PVC (polyvinylchloride) layer (cheap model), plastic, acrylic, enamel or veneer (the latter two choices are the most expensive).

The color of the covering for kitchen set can exactly match the color of the walls — let it visually merge with them.

The most popular choice for apartment in light colors is white gloss or matt kitchen. If you want to highlight the kitchen area in the combined kitchen-living room, choose the colors, contrasting with the color of the walls.

The black color of the tabletop and backsplash often acts as an accent. The gallery below represents good examples of the kitchen in minimalism style in a small studio apartment:

Small studio apartment

Minimalism can be bright too! Kitchen set with red glass backsplash dilutes well the monochrome design of this small studio:

A popular combination is a mixture of white matt or glossy facades with wood. Walnut is especially good. Covering with exotic woods trimming looks spectacular. The woods used here are wenge, Makassar, Zebrano and rosewood. Manufacturers use HPL plastic for cheap kitchen sets and natural veneer for more expensive ones.

The minimalism in the interior of the kitchen does not tolerate open shelves. All storage space should be hidden behind cupboard shutters; small kitchen utensils should be stored in drawers with separators.

Small kitchen in minimalism style in Khrushchev’s flat looks light, bright and spacious:


It is white, grey or black. Artificial stone fits the kitchen in the minimalism style best of all. Ideally, it should be monochromatic, but it is acceptable to use the stone with small pale disseminations and a slight flicker effect.



Backsplash color may exactly match the tone of the kitchen set covering, or it may contrast with them. Kitchen set with backsplash and countertop made from the same artificial stone looks stunning, stylishly, strictly, laconically. Such kitchen design will better fit minimalism aesthetics.


Glass backsplash can be transparent or solid painted without any drawings. Good choice is white subway tile in imitation of brick with no bevel.

Tiles or ceramic-granite should be plain or with texture in imitation of stone, concrete or wood. Rectified tiles or ceramic-granite perfectly suit here, as it can be laid with minimal joints. Scouring should match the tiles color, as such backsplash looks like a monolithic surface.

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