Kitchen in retro style

Ah, this multifaceted, at times exquisite, at other times primitive, but always charming and cozy retro style! It often appears in the interiors of our apartments: it peeks into the bedroom, settles down in the living room, and does not overlook the kitchen. However, this attraction to the past is understandable. The kitchen, which is carrying the spirit of the time, will drop a hint about the importance of family values for you and atmosphere of warmth and tranquility in the house.

How to choose furniture and appliances for the kitchen in retro style? This article includes designer tips, colors, materials and décor of retro style.

Retro style and its characteristic features.

Kitchen in retro style

The concept of "retro" is quite vague, as it does not have clear reference to specific historical era. The designers agreed the opinion that time frame of this style fits the period from late nineteenth century to the second half of twentieth century. Therefore, it is natural, that retro style has plenty of interesting directions, with their inherent features.

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Kitchen in Victorian style that came to us from England in the late XIX century, It is improbable without working area in form of a fireplace, massive dining tables, rich finishes in marble and wood, and a large number of handmade accessories.

Art Deco kitchen is designed in accordance with fashion trends of the 20-30s of the last century. It is reputed to be a model of elegance, luxury and chic. In this room, you should use expensive materials (e.g., rare woods and leather, silver and ivory) or their high-quality imitation, furniture with predominance of curved shapes, geometric patterns, and chrome or glass parts.

Art Deco kitchen

Retro kitchen in the spirit of 40’s years primarily consists of bright and rich colors with small splashes of black and white. Various elements of stainless steel attract the attention.

Kitchen, decorated in retro style of the 50’s and 60’s, also strikes with bold and cheerful colors. Furth more, it has furniture of clear shapes, glossy surfaces and graphic patterns.

Kitchen, decorated in retro style of the 50’s and 60’s

Diversity of retro style directions does not mean that this style has lack of unique features. This fact should be taken into consideration in developing of a kitchen “from the past”. Here are some of them.

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Unique retro style features:

  1. Presence of furniture with an antiquated effect that carries the spirit of the current era.
  2. All appliances and other trappings of modernity need to be carefully hidden from sight or must be stylized like retro.
  3. Diversity of palette, which is muted in art Deco and Victorian styles, however it boggles the imagination with bright colors in the retro design of 40-60’s years.
  4. Abundance of textiles, glassware and other decorative elements, as era of lifeless minimalist interiors has not yet arrived.

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