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On our site variants of interior decoration in different styles are presented. We gathered as  classic styles, and quite unusual. The description of each style is accompanied by a surprising number of illustrations and photos to help you choose a particular style and explore its features.

Essential details

Furniture and finishing in English style

Kitchen furniture Suitable furniture is half the battle in decoration of the kitchen in the spirit of Albion. Therefore, kitchen set and dining group for English kitchen must meet all of the style requirements: look respectable, solidly and securely; made of natural materials (facades are made of natural wood (oak, walnut, pine, yew), countertops — […]

Kitchen layout

Kitchen design and layout in English style

English style in the interior of any room, including the kitchen, is an eternal classic that will never go out of fashion. Fans of English style are the people with a little conservative, but impeccable taste. They can be called real aesthetes, which hold sacred family traditions. In addition, they appreciate combination of solidity, comfort […]


Kitchen decoration in rustic style

If you are consistent with rustic style in kitchen design, then the room should be decorated with natural materials only. Moreover, you are absolutely free in the decoration methods. Walls Decoration with plaster is preferable in this style. The plaster can be smooth or textured. Open brickwork, stone cladding, sheathing board are used quite widely. […]

Kitchen furniture in rustic style

Kitchen design and furniture in rustic style

In our high technology age – the age of stress and haste, it is quite clear that many people want to create wonderful atmosphere of tranquility and serenity at home, as such atmosphere is typical for life of our ancestors in the lap of nature. Kitchen decoration in the rustic style solves this problem. Perhaps […]

The interior in the Italian style

Italian style in the kitchen interior – the charm of traditions

Italian style is peace and conciliation, family ties and firm tradition. It gives us wonderful feeling of home and comfort, so Italian style in the kitchen interior looks very organic. We will tell today about some decorating techniques, which can bring Italian mood to modern kitchen design. Italian style finishing Traditional Italian style can be […]


Kitchen design and decor in minimalism style

Materials are simple but of high quality. The modern technological materials (plastic, metal, glass) are combined with natural ones (wood and stone). Ceiling People often choose white matte ceiling, but the glossy one is also relevant. The ceiling surface should be perfectly plain. Alternatively you can make hanging drywall ceiling and smooth white stretch one […]


Kitchen furniture and light in minimalism style

Home appliances Ideally, it is built-in home appliance only, including microwave and coffeemaker. For small appliances (blender, slow cooker and food processor) you should better provide a special compartment or hide it in a drawer of the kitchen set. Usually an air hole is also built-in. However, the model with minimalistic futuristic design may be […]

Color palette

Kitchen interior in minimalism style — professional advice

Making of the kitchen interior in minimalism style — designer’s prompts. Kitchen set in minimalism style will fit both tiny kitchen in small studio flat and combined kitchen-living room. Laconic furniture visually dilutes in the space around, and the kitchen made by considered project will always be in perfectly in order. 5 main features of […]


Kitchen decoration in scandinavian style

Ceiling Ceiling is always white. It is usually painted in white, but you can order matte stretch ceiling or make hanging drywall one. White painted batten perfectly suits ceiling decoration of the Scandinavian kitchen with a touch of country. Walls The most popular coating for walls of Scandinavian kitchen is paint. If you have a […]

Kitchen furniture in Scandinavian interior

Kitchen set Scandinavian style includes simple and laconic kitchen set. Its color is often white. Sometimes there are kitchens with coating made of light, honey-golden shades or cognac wood. Combination of light and white wood makes Scandinavian interior warmer and more interesting. Coating should be matte or semi-gloss. High white gloss is also good, especially […]