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On our site variants of interior decoration in different styles are presented. We gathered as  classic styles, and quite unusual. The description of each style is accompanied by a surprising number of illustrations and photos to help you choose a particular style and explore its features.

Scandinavian kitchen

Scandinavian kitchen – all the design secrets

All the secrets of the Scandinavian kitchen design – choose furniture, decoration, lighting, décor and inspiring photos of real Scandinavian kitchens. Scandinavian design is perfect for a small kitchen and a kitchen-living room or a small studio apartments. You can easy transform such interior at any time – by the means of textiles and décor […]

Materials for African interior

Kitchen in african style – exotics in the interior

African style in the interior is brightness and originality, energy and mystery. African strains in the kitchen design can make it truly unique and exotic. You do not have to use plenty of statues, masks, fangs and claws of exotic animals to create “African” kitchen. Desired effect can be reached through right choice of colors […]

Top 15 visuall ways to increase the ceiling height

Floor in the kitchen. What coverage to choose?

When we choose a floor for the kitchen it is important to take into account many nuances. The perfect kitchen floor should not be afraid of any oil or moisture. It should be easy to wash. Today we try to understand how to choose the right flooring for the kitchen and for what special attention should be payed . […]

Floor in the kitchen

Visuall ways to increase the ceiling height

Low ceiling in the kitchen or bathroom can be a big problem if you do not know some of the design tricks. In this article we have compiled the best methods of increasing the visual height of ceilings in the apartment. Optical illusion The glossy sheen. A very effective way to solve the problem of […]

Decoration kitchen in country style

Kitchen decoration in country style

Ceiling Use waterproof paint. Various shades of white and cream. Matt suspended ceiling – inexpensive and practical option. With proper installation, “steals” all 4-5 cm in height. Wooden wall paneling or MDF panel with wood decor on the ceiling will create in a city apartment country house atmosphere. In the kitchen, with a low ceiling […]

Kitchen furniture in country style

Kitchen furniture in country style

Kitchen set French or English country style prefer bright furniture. For Italian or American versions of this style dark wood headset is prefered. If you have a small kitchen in a typical house, choose a bright kitchen – you can not go wrong. Kitchen sets country-style facades always have a framework. Design – simple, concise, […]

Country style kitchen

Kitchen in country style

We create the design of the kitchen in country style -how to choose the furniture, decoration, lighting, décor inspired by the beautiful pictures Country kitchen interiors. 6 features country-style kitchen interior natural materials a lot of wood in different colors and textures calm natural colors aged surface wrought iron and wicker items many cozy “rustic” […]