Scandinavian kitchen – all the design secrets

All the secrets of the Scandinavian kitchen design - choose furniture, decoration, lighting, décor and inspiring photos of real Scandinavian kitchens.

Scandinavian design is perfect for a small kitchen and a kitchen-living room or a small studio apartments. You can easy transform such interior at any time - by the means of textiles and décor only.

Scandinavian design in the kitchen interior - 6 main features:

  • Functionality and usefulness – are the main criteria, design is secondary one
  • White background and bright / contrasting details
  • Simple strict shapes
  • Natural materials
  • Abundance of wood with fine texture
  • Abundance of light and space, a bit of decoration

Scandinavian kitchen

Which styles go with Scandinavian Interior?

If pure Scandinavian interior seems to be trivial for you, you can add bright accents and interesting details from the other styles: northern country, eco-style, light classics, contemporary and modern.

Scandinavian Interior

Color palette

Basic Scandinavian colors are white and its shades: snow, cream, milk, vanilla cream, baked milk, ivory, eggshell or white sand.

The design of Scandinavian kitchen is perfectly supplemented with complex whitewashed cold shades of gray, beige, blue and green.

You should use dark (black, graphite, asphalt) and bright colors (yellow, green, blue, turquoise) for the accents.

In addition, you can apply light colors from Tikkurila palette of paints.

Kitchen - living room layout

Kitchen - living room layout

They often combine kitchen with living room and dining room in Scandinavian studio flats. Tabletop or large dining table will help you to demarcate the areas.

Find more information about kitchen design - minimalism and mediterranean design.

You can accent table and chairs with rug: natural rug made of jute and sisal, or woven lint-free rug. Use solid color rug or the one with a geometric print.

Kitchen - living room layout

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