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On our site variants of interior decoration in different styles are presented. We gathered as  classic styles, and quite unusual. The description of each style is accompanied by a surprising number of illustrations and photos to help you choose a particular style and explore its features.

Scandinavian Interior

Scandinavian kitchen

Scandinavian kitchen – all the design secrets All the secrets of the Scandinavian kitchen design – furniture, decoration, lighting, décor. Scandinavian design is perfect for a small kitchen and a kitchen-living room. You can easy transform such interior at any time – with a help of textiles and décor only. Scandinavian design in the kitchen […]

Select the right furniture

Kitchen in Japanese style: ideas and photos

Kitchen in Japanese style is at the height of fashion today. Japanese style interior is perfect for small spaces. Let us try to make the design of a small kitchen in Japanese style. You will feel as if it began to seem almost twice as much. The inhabitants of the country of the Rising Sun […]

Lighting and lamps

Finishing, renovation and decor in High-tech style

Ceiling The ceiling does not need complicated design. You may just align it and paint in white. Suspended or false ceiling is the most common ceiling finishing in hi-tech style. The only minus here is that you will lose 4-5 inches of height. When you choose suspended ceiling, give preference to PVC films, instead of […]

Household appliances and plumbing

Kitchen in high-tech style — top tips from professionals for a stylish interior

All the details of kitchen design in high-tech style – guide for the choice of furniture, finishing and décor with designer hints and photos of real high-tech kitchens for your inspiration. Interior design in high-tech style is ideal for tiny kitchen or small studio apartment. It does not overload the space, there is a lot […]

Kitchen backsplash

Finishing and renovation in Mediterranean kitchen

Finishing and repair Traditionally designers use simple, but very high quality materials in Mediterranean kitchen decoration. They allow quick cleaning of the room and remain cool even in the hottest day. Walls Wall imperfections, which catch the eye, are the calling card of the Mediterranean. Sometimes designers specifically add additional relief to achieve slight curvature […]

Appliances in Mediterranean kitchen

Mediterranean kitchen style – design secrets

Mediterranean style in the interior is a delicious cocktail, which embodies cultural traditions of many nations who lived on the coast for centuries. This amazingly warm, cozy, hospitable and truly inviting style is simply created for the decoration of the kitchen space. Secrets of Mediterranean kitchen design, matching kitchen sets, restoration and repair, lamps, vibrant […]

Appliances for retro kitchen

Appliances and decoration for retro kitchen

Appliances for retro kitchen Retro design does not imply rejection of modern household appliances and other civilization benefits. However, all these achievements of progress should naturally fit the interior without compromising the overall idea of the style. Such compromise is achieved in two main ways: hiding of the fridge, dishwasher and other gadgets behind the […]

Kitchen furniture in retro style

Kitchen furniture in retro style

Well-chosen furniture for retro kitchen gives 50 percent of success in the difficult task of recreating the spirit of the past. How to achieve the desired result? The first option is to search for these antique pieces of furniture, on which, most likely, you will have to work hard: to grind, to paint and to […]

Kitchen in retro style

Kitchen in retro style

Ah, this multifaceted, at times exquisite, at other times primitive, but always charming and cozy retro style! It often appears in the interiors of our apartments: it peeks into the bedroom, settles down in the living room, and does not overlook the kitchen. However, this attraction to the past is understandable. The kitchen, which is […]

Marine style in the kitchen interior

Marine style in kitchen interior

Would you like to enjoy that special feeling of freedom and serenity at home, which only happens during vacation by the sea? Let us try to create kitchen interior in Marine style! We offer you a few ideas on how to transform an ordinary kitchen into a real mess or veranda in the house on […]